Potty Principles

This page is dedicated to chronicling Nava's potty progress. Scroll to the bottom for the latest news! If you're not into talking poo, time to hit the back button.

Before Nava was diagnosed with Down syndrome, we planned on doing some local homegrown version of ECing (elimination communication-google it if you are into baby poo. Oh wait, your on the potty page, you MUST be into baby poo. Good for you). Sout made quite a few comments during my pregnancy how he wouldn't use disposable diapers like farangs (white folk, foreigners) do. In Lao, the approach is to have lots of towels around and do lots of laundry. Plus its hot here so the baby doesn't really need to be fully dressed.

Anyways, I let go of my EC plan when in our visits to various 'experts' around town in the weeks after the diagnosis, we met with an OT who dashed my hopes. She was very encouraging in general-praised the way we interacted with her, told us stories of high school graduation, etc-but when I chimed in with "yeah, so they can learn to potty the same" she got very serious and gave me her "naive mom" look and said "uh, no, that will be later". OT:1, Mom: 0

The good news is, by the time Nava was 9 months old, I'd come to my senses and realized I was under no obligation to believe her. OT:1, Mom:1

Timeline: How She Went

6 months                    Nava becomes an easy to predict pooper because of newly-developed constipation. 

7 months                    Goes on Miralax  

9 months                    Becomes an easy to predict pooper again.

10 months                  Mommy buys first potty and we start sitting her on it when she's naked and waiting for her bath to fill.  Nava pees on pot on first test run. mom start feeling like a Real Parent while losing all ability to take oneself seriously as say things like Poo Poo! Pee Pee! Shhhhhhhhhhhh! in overly excited voice.Mom also starts feeding her prunes like crazy.

10.5 months               Nava poos on the potty. Mom starts each day putting her on the pot and as part of morning wake up routine.Mom cuts Miralax does in half and sees no changes (still going 1x a day)

11 months                  Mom uses potty at same time while Nava watches, further cementing loss of all feelings of being a serious adult. Mom shows her where it goes and encourages her to see it go bye-bye when we flush (Some things are easier to do when it's just you and your child in a small room). No more Miralax, instead home microwaved prune 'jam' and Fruit-eze become regular treats.

Some day before turning 11 months old Nava poo poos in her diaper for the last time. Mom doesn't note it because it doesn't occur to her it could possibly be the last time this soon.  OT:1, Mom:2

12 months                   Start to use cloth diapers at home occasionally to give the experience of wetness.

13 months                   Starts to have almost dry diapers in morning and pees a large volume on first go. If taken to bathroom first thing on wake up and if done, diapers tend to be fairly dry. First completely dry diaper in the morning noted. Starts to get constipated again, resulting in l o n g sessions on potty while mom/dad try hope if they just wait long enough...

14 months                     Reality Check. Progress at standstill for a number of reasons. #1: It's getting light earlier, Nava is waking with the sun, Mommy just can't get up and take her to potty on waking (5:30am!) and thus Nava is doing her morning pee in her diaper. Still gets on potty when mommy drags herself out of bed but may/may not need to pee still. #2: Constipation comes back. Not really bad but did have to use a suppository once. Have to redouble prune efforts and try mightily to make her drink water (mostly unsuccessful).She averages 1 go every other day and usually has pain :(  #3: Two unanticipated quick goes mean the perfect poop-free diaper record gets lightly soiled.   

15 months                      On pause. I actually had to change a poo diaper this month (in the middle of the night. in a hotel room. without baby wipes or a changing table. by myself). But it was only the one and I think she had a tummy upset from eating out multiple meals in a row in Bangkok. She continues to do her business of the potty happily when we take her. The constipation is getting unpredictable again so that's bumming us out more than potty achievement issues. No progress, no back slide. Its OK.

16 months                      Constipation comes back and Nava not so keen on the potty. Its still the only place she does #2 and she'll still go pee if taken at the right time. Mom tries everything she can dietwise, uses multiple suppositories, curses the heavens and is tempted to go back on miralax.

17 months                       Things get regular again. Best guess as to why is the 1/4 tsp of Sea Buckthorn fruit powder she now gets each day. I have no proof but... Also, no bread even if she loves to gnaw on a crusty end.
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